FRESH: ‘Throw Away The Key’ – Andrew Brien feat. Jen Ella

Andrew Brien debuts with Jen Ella on “Throw Away The Key”.

by Christopher Smith

Andrew Brien is an aspiring new music songwriter and producer from Glasgow, Scotland. He debuts with “Throw Away The Key”, which features singer Jen Ella. Andrew explains to us: “The song was my first ever release as a songwriter, lyricist AND music producer – as this is my first release completely doing all the song’s process from the initial writing stage right through sound design, recording and mixing/mastering. It has been a fantastic learning curve where I have explored the new pop sounds of vocal chops, fuzzy and plucked synths, and electronic drums (I even created my own blended unique snare sample). This was also the first time I have released another song with another artist as the featured vocalist. I got in touch with Jen Ella over a Scottish Musicians Wanted Facebook group looking for a unique timbre of vocal and Jen was the best to match the overall sound I wanted in the end over the other submissions who were more classical/jazz orientated”.

Andrew continues: “Nonetheless being a singer-songwriter herself in an acoustic framework, my heavily infused pop/electronic sounding song was a big genre shock for her and we had a lot of fun bouncing off each other in my home studio making sure that we crafted the “sassy” final sound and vibe that I had in my head when I wrote the piece, plus some bonus additions of her own unique musicianship which I always welcome. As an aspiring music producer and songwriter, it is my intention to self-release my own work featuring the local talent I have around my area to develop my portfolio and craft, before then being able to submit my songs to other artists via a record company, etc. I am already in the works nearly completing my next song “Deeper” which features a male vocalist that I found using the same channels to seek the perfect artist to match my song’s message and vibe”. We wish Andrew well and look forward to future recordings from him!

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