FRESH: ‘Some Of You’ – Carys

Carys releases “Some Of You”.

by Christopher Smith

How do you pronounce your name? “Care-iss”. What is the meaning behind your name? “Carys means love”.

Carys unapologetically feels, free from thought and judgment. She believes that all emotions come from love. Longing for it, running from it, diving into it, losing it, Carys believes that everything we do revolves around giving and receiving more love in the end. The girl has just released her new single “Some Of You”, a dreamy electro-pop track about the inability to let go of an ex.

Carys says she is inspired by people. By moments. By relationships. She admits that she is obsessed with how we connect to each other. All of her songs in some way have something to do with connection. In turn, Carys’ is also inspired by the opposite – detachment. Detachment from ourselves and from reality, as a defense mechanism to pain.

She hopes people see/hear themselves her my words. She tells us: “I hope that it helps people understand their own feelings better because that is what writing them has done for me. Most of my songs were written in a very raw state – a stream of consciousness sort of flow – and because they are so vulnerable, I believe that I will draw all of my soulmates to me through them. All of the people with hearts like mine, and hopefully in turn, we will all feel more connected and less alone in the world”. Draw your own conclusions…

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