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REVIEW: ‘Unsophisticated Circus’ – Emergency Tiara

Emergency Tiara – “Unsophisticated Circus”

by Christopher Smith

Have you ever heard of Emergency Tiara? I hadn’t until last night when they filled the position of ‘warm up act’ for Belinda Carlisle on her latest tour, celebrating the 30th anniversary of her “Runaway Horses” album. Wearing bright green wigs and dresses reminiscent of a Mary Quant number c.1965, they made quite a entrance and impression. If you’re a lover of 60’s pop given a 21st century twist, then you need to hear Emergency Tiara’s debut album “Unsophisticated Circus”, that’s just been released and currently being heard in concert halls all across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Emergency Tiara is Tokyo born, New York based fashion pop artist Juri Jinnai. Emergency Tiara is classically trained. Emergency Tiara is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Emergency Tiara is J-Pop meets Nancy Sinatra meets Gwen Stefani meets The Ronettes! Emergency Tiara is “an entire kingdom”! Together with her backing singers/dancers, Juri made her debut with the EP “Until The Stroke Of Midnight” in 2014, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the sound and style of Emergency Tiara began to take shape with the single “When I Grow Up” and the many that have followed since, prior to the release of “Unsophisticated Circus”.

“2 Kool 4 Skool” was the lead single from the album (there’s no “Lighthouse” or 2018’s “Karaoke Party” here) an infectious J-Pop number that could almost of been lifted from the ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack. The album kicks off, appropriately, with “Good Life”, where we are greeted with “Sit back, enjoy the ride, welcome to the good life”. “Jetsetter”, had it of been performed by Kylie, is the twin sister of “Light Years” (2000). Taking off on Tiara Air, with official announcements, Emergency Tiara takes off from New York and visits destinations around the world “living out of a suitcase”. The aforementioned “2 Kool 4 Skool” follows before the racy, atmospheric number “Do Not Disturb” breezes in with great guitar and drum accompaniment.

The rest of “Unsophisticated Circus” is a mix of the beautiful (“Purple”), the jazzy (“I’m Alive”), the mellow (“Don’t Believe”) and the strange (“Chameleon”)! If you like eccentric pop, then look no further. The album is well crafted, thought out, planned and presented, something different, something very different. “Unsophisticated Circus” doesn’t take itself seriously, yet at the same time, this is serious chic-pop, stylised, deliberate and oh so fruity. With many thousands of followers on social media already and touring with the irresistible Belinda Carlisle, coupled with the on-going obsession with everything 60’s, fashion and rhythms, AND the rising and global interest in Far East pop, Emergency Tiara should find “Unsophisticated Circus” will play well to a large audience. Take your seat and enjoy the ride!

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