Forrest Run

FRESH: ‘Forrest Run EP’ – Forrest Run

Forrest Run release their self-titled debut EP.

by Christopher Smith

Australian trio Forrest Run have just released their debut, self-titled EP. The EP is chilled out, downtempo and filled with illustrative lyricism and a deep, hypnotic groove. The EP features the already released tracks “Summer”, “Let Me Fall” and “All We Needed”.

Consisting of hip-hop producer Judah Winnett, electronic folk instrumentalist JaykeBarnes and indie pop vocalist Ayla (heard on triple j under her own project), Forrest Run are a trio who are bringing the best of each of their worlds together into a new and exciting project.

After jamming in Judah’s home studio late 2017, the trio realised they had something worth pursuing, and rapidly began accruing a set’s worth of demos. In 2018, theyrefined these demos into a shiny debut EP, with the help of renowned producer Tim Carr (Matt Corby, Urthboy, Le Pie and many more).

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