Kyle Jordan

FRESH: ‘Chemistry’ – Kyle Jordan

Kyle Jordan releases “Chemistry”.

by Christopher Smith

“Chemistry” is a more modern telling of a love story with deep, gritty bass lines and fresh sounding vocals. The story of “Chemistry” revolves around a budding relationship that is stuck somewhere between wanting more but being completely content with the relationship just being physical.

Kyle Jordan is an alt-pop singer/songwriter out of Long Island, New York. With musical influences spanning all the way from 80’s synth-pop to the 90s punk scene and all the way to today’s electric and frenetic style of production, Kyle fuses the powerful songwriting and unique musical character of Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, John Mayer, and Ed Sheeran with an added touch of gritty electronic production in the vein of artists like Blackbear and Billie Eilish.

Kyle’s live sets are known to be a fun mix of catchy original music as well as classic bar-room anthems that are sure to get everybody in the audience engaged with the show. Kyle Jordan started his career as a performer in Boston, Massachussetts playing at bars, clubs and festivals spanning from the original Cheers bar in Beacon Hill to The Big E festival in Springfield. After his move back into the New York music scene, Kyle Jordan has hit the ground running with performances all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island including venues such as The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall.

Kyle’s music is as instantly relatable as it is contagiously upbeat. His debut single “Soul” is a classic story of a contentious relationship played over a quickly recognizable beat with a cheery and confident melody. Kyle’s debut “Lost” EP is being released in the coming months with the first single ‘IDLMIL’ having been released in September.

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