Per Ohlson

FRESH: ‘Blaming The Wind’ – Per Ohlson

Per Ohlson returns with “Blaming The Wind”.

by Christopher Smith

“Lets face it, “Blaming The Wind” (or blaming anything) is not going to take you anywhere”. So says Per Ohlson, who we featured earlier this year with his cover of a-ha’s “Out Of Blue Comes Green“. “Blaming The Wind” is an emotional synth song which discuss the problem of trying to put blame on something that you have no influence over. All wrapped in beautiful melodies and dreamy harmonies with a romantic retro sound.

Born in the 1980’s in Stockholm, Per Ohlson was early on influenced by the epic acts such as a-ha, Alphaville, Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode. Smooth angelic vocals, tasteful guitars and synths along with a dynamic production are the keywords in his work. After his first single “In My Eyes”, Per quickly gathered a highly engaged fanbase on social media, laying a solid grounds for further releases.

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