NEWS: Des’ree Returns with a Brand New Album!

Des’ree returns with her first album in 16 years!

Brit award winning singer Des’ree (Desirée Weekes) has just released her first new album for sixteen years. Titled “A Love Story”, the nine track album is released on her own label, Stargazer Records and includes the single “Don’t Be Afraid”, which was premiered in September.

Des’ree pretty much retired after her “Dream Soldier” album of 2003 and has worked as qualified nutritionist, but in 2014, she reunited with her long-time collaborator Michale Graves and began writing again. Production was suspended when her mother became ill soon after, but five years on, the project has now been completed. Des’ree has worked with other writers including Tim Atack, David Munday and Howard Francis, along with engineer and mixer Robin Baynton on the album.

Des’ree made her debut in late 1991 with the song “Feels So High”, which reached No.13 in the UK and No.67 in America. Her debut album “Mind Adventures” was Silver certified in the UK and featured the singles “Why Should I Love You?” and the title track. Her 1994 album “I Ain’t Movin'” was also Silver certified in the UK and went on to peak at No.27 in the US selling over a million copies, thanks to the success of her signature tune “You Gotta Be”, which twice made the UK singles chart (No.20 in 1994 and No.14 in 1995) and went all the way to No.5 in The States.

More success came in 1998 with the album “Supernatural” which received a Gold certification in the UK and features the top ten hit “Life”. Des’ree duetted with none other than Terence Trent D’Arby on the hit “Delicate” and in February 1999, she won the Brit Award for Best British Female solo artist. That same year came a new version of “You Gotta Be”, which out-peaked the two previous versions in the UK, reaching No.10. Her last top 40 entry, to date, was “What’s Your Sign?”.

Des’ree released her fourth studio album “Dream Soldier” in 2003 along with the single “It’s Okay”, and soon after announced she was retiring from music due to stage fright, fear of flying and other health issues. At this time, Sony, her record company, were not interested in working with her on another album, and so she left the stage to pursue ‘more pleasing ventures’. After training as a nutritionist, she developed an interest in alternative medicines, although she came out of hiding in 2008 to perform “You Gotta Be” along with 600,000 children at The O2 for The Big Sing charity concert, which broke the record for the most people simultaneously singing the same song!

Tracklisting for “A Love Story” is:
1. “A Call To Love”
2. “Don’t Be Afraid”
3. “Drunk On Your Kisses”
4. “Honey”
5. “Love Me”
6. “Nothing I Can Do”
7. “Holding On For Dear Life”
8. “What’ll I Do”
9. “Fake It”

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