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FRESH: ‘Colours’ – Adam Duffill

Adam Duffill releases “Colours”.

by Christopher Smith

Adam Duffill, known for his energetic solo performances, is a rock singer/songwriter from Southend, Essex. Following on from the success of his most successful single to date, 2018’s stadium rock-inspired “Falling Like A Landslide”, the Essex-born frontman is back with his latest offering “Colours”, available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play now.

Admittedly a departure from the upbeat nature of previous singles “Bright Blue Eyes” and “Falling Like A Landslide”, the new single focuses more on the Rochford-born singers softer side – the arpeggio from Duffill’s distinctive open tuned guitar in the introduction offering the listener a clear indication of the heart-felt direction of his most recent studio effort.

Adam has indicated that the song will definitely feature on Adam’s forthcoming album “Torch To Light The Universe” and as well as having a unique twist of folk, pop, rock and orchestral elements, the 30-year-old explains the lyrical content is decidedly different to his previous singles too: “Colours’ is still a love song but it’s coming from a different perspective than anything I’ve done before I think. It’s really more of a love letter to say that I’m ready for the commitment of being together whatever happens and whatever direction you choose to go in. It’s actually about loyalty really”.

“I think when people first realise they love someone a fear element emerges – this sense of how will my life have to change to accommodate this amazing thing that’s happening to me, and a fear of investing yourself fully in case things don’t work out and the pain that brings. I think our minds have a way of protecting themselves. I guess this song tackles reassuring the loved one that they have nothing to worry about from that perspective”. Despite being markedly different to his trademark style of upbeat, melodic pop and rock influences, the song is still drawing a popular following live: “When I’d finished writing “Colours” I always felt it was a good song with a nice chorus, but I wasn’t entirely sure how it would fit in the set” he adds. “Because the start of the song is so sparse compared to some of my other songs, I was worried people wouldn’t really embrace it. But in actual fact, the opposite has been true – I think people like the change of pace and can connect with what I’m trying to get across in both the lyrics and the way I deliver the vocals with a lot of passion”.

The heartfelt track has certainly become a firm fan favourite among his live shows, garnering the obvious comparisons to American radio mainstays who have crossed orchestral arrangements with rock, such as Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty, but many observers have noted there is definitely a modern feel to the production in “Colours”. The deep, rich vocals that run back and forth in the first verse are more reminiscent of Rag & Bone Man than straight the 90’s rock feel Duffill has gone for before, and there is a definite hint of a Lewis Capaldi or Liam Gallagher ballad in the strings inspired choruses. “I think this songs definitely more about the lyrics. I’d say the mood of of most of my tracks is dictated more by the music than the lyrics, but the lyrics definitely lead the mood on this one. It’s different to anything I’ve done before; definitely a risk, but sometimes you’ve got to take risks haven’t you?”.

The past nine years have included appearances at London ExCel, Camden’s Purple Turtle, Islington’s O2 Academy, Monto Water Rats in Kings Cross, Stamford Bridge Stadium for Chelsea FC’s Player of The Year awards, seeing off 10,000 participants to reach Future Music’s UK Songwriting not to mention various festival and radio appearances. However, with one more single still to come before the year ends, the focus right now is certainly on studio efforts and there is much more still to come from Adam Duffill in 2019.

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