FRESH: ‘Terminal’ – Coastlines

Coastlines release “Terminal”.

by Christopher Smith

“Terminal” is the story relationship gone south set on a burning alt-rock track. It’s the moment of self realization that someone has a shot at a better life without you in it. It hurts for them, but it kills you. The question becomes, how much do you love them? Do you love them enough to let go?

Coastlines are a trio of storytellers who blur the line between indie and mainstream pop. In 2017, vocalist Brady Lee and guitarist Elliott Phillips teamed together to capture a collection of dreamy vignettes, inspired by Phillips’ travels abroad and Lee’s first experiences as a father. They were joined late that year by producer Justin Ginn, whose work is inspired largely by his childhood experiences growing up the Eastern European country of Hungary. The band produces remotely as the trio is currently located in Wisconsin, Texas, and Poland.

In July 2018, Coastlines released their debut EP “Hotel Heart” as the first installment of their collective storytelling. “Hotel Heart” focused on the tension between youthful innocence and the realities of growing up. Each song based around a specific memory or life event the band shares with fans in personal posts on social media. In February 2019, the band released “Neon”, the first of an ongoing collection of singles exploring darker moments of disillusionment, misplaced feelings of responsibility, and relationships gone awry.

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