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FRESH: ‘Take It Or Leave It’ – Mika Ella

Mika Ella goes retro with “Take It Or Leave It”!

by Christopher Smith

Mika Ella (a wordplay of her real name Mihaela) goes for an 80’s retro sound for her single “Take It Or Leave It”. Mika says: “my personality is sparkly and passionate. I like to say that I’m an emotional fighter. I love to laugh and joke, I’m not embarrassed to show emotions. That’s me. So, “Take It Or Leave It!”

Mika was born and raised in Croatia, with Hungarian roots, She loves to say that she is ‘Croatian Hungarian’, but she would be the happiest person in the world if everyone would and could just call themselves – humans. Mika was born on a Saturday and Saturday is, of course a disco night out! Her music career started in 1999 when she published her first single as the lead singer and co-writer of a dance music project called Matrix.

Matrix released three albums and fifteen singles in Croatia, most of which topped the local charts and won festival awards. Seven singles were No.1 on the Croatian national chart at the time. They also had two singles released in Poland by Warner Music. On all the projects, Mika worked with her longtime partner in business and life, Chris Hurts. Matrix toured most of Croatia and Slovenia, but also Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Mika tells us about her love of music: “I always felt I should sing in English and share my talent and love for music with the whole world. But sometimes, life takes you away from your dreams and you just need to survive through the hard times. When the right moment comes, life brings you back home”.

“In my case, home is music. So after many years, I got back home, to music, singing, and writing. My beautiful childhood was interrupted by war, which scarred me forever in many ways”. “I strongly believe in freedom, love, and dignity of every human being. I’m very passionate about human rights and involved in activism, helping people in need to protest against social injustice. While protesting, I was arrested for a few times! In my early twenties, for a couple of years, I worked for the UN. My beliefs are strong and passionate, and I live my life according to them. I also write poetry, love flowers and animals. I have three dogs, two of them were abandoned so I adopted them” she adds.

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