FRESH: ‘Curfew’ – Katherine Evans

Katherine Evans talks “Curfew”!

by Christopher Smith

There’s no feeling more exhilarating than falling for somebody, especially in the fleeting, whirlwind romances of youth. Early on, we tend to idolise people, building them up in our heads until our expectations are nowhere near reality. But through somebody may not be as perfect for us as we envision, we can’t help but be swept up with the rush of new love.

In her new single “Curfew”, Katherine Evans describes the thrill of her own experience, riding on the high of infatuation for as long as possible even though she will eventually crash down. In this dark, pulsing track with delicately delivered vocals, we are reminded that, like anything else, this thrill is fleeting. But while it may be a temporary love, it will be fun while it lasts! This new release from Katherine gives a bold, yet simplistic view on young romance, sweeping us up in much the same way as love itself.

Katherine tells us that: “Curfew” is about falling in love with who we need someone to be, rather than who they really are. This song is a glimpse into my brain when I’m head over heels for someone. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, and when it’s over, it’s sad. I hope this song makes you feel things!”.

Katherine Evans is a 23 year old singer-songwriter in Los Angeles, CA. With roots in folk music and a love for lyrics, she walks the line between indie and electronic-pop seamlessly, while pouring her heart into each word she sings. Katherine describes her music as “sad songs you can dance to”. She has been compared to artists such as Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Sasha Sloan.

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