Nat Torn

FRESH: ‘Blue’ – Nat Torn

Nat Torn feels “Blue”.

by Christopher Smith

Natalie Torn grew up on the North Shore of Chicago with heavy love for musical theatre and comedy, bringing her to New York to study Film Production at NYU. Heavily influenced by British artists including Amy Winehouse, Robert Plant, and Sam Smith, she dedicated a semester to studying songwriting in London, UK.

“Blue” is a project that began in 2016. The song is a composition of over a dozen musical themes and melodic patterns merging together to create waves. Composed as a ballad, “Blue” is a love song meant for modern dancers and fresh listeners. The ocean is the main muse, the backdrop for extreme heartache and unrequited love.

Nat Torn’s sound emits hints of homages to places she’s lived: Theatrical musical performance styles from New York, Rock/Pop from London, Blues/Soul from Chicago. When living briefly in Tel Aviv, she became active in the nightlife scene and was inspired to integrate upbeat, beat-heavy production into the heart of her music. “Blue”, a love letter to Tel Aviv, was written in London, re-written in Brooklyn, recorded in Chicago, and released in New York and is now available in every country.

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