Sunny From The Moon

FRESH: ‘Miracle’ – Sunny From The Moon

Sunny From The Moon look for a “Miracle”.

by Christopher Smith

Do you believe in miracles? Not necessarily in rainbow castles, princesses and unicorns or unexpected success, but in those teeny-tiny things that simply make you happy. Like a smile from a stranger in the subway, rays of sun waking you up early morning or just a change of seasons. I believe. I really need a miracle in every little part of this world around me. And every time when I’m feeling sad and all blue I’m trying to find something cheerful and magical in simple things around me. That’s what our new song is about. I hope it’s gonna find some place in your hearts.

Sunny From The Moon is a musical duo consisting of composer and vocalist. Currently the band has written three albums, two soundtracks for the international events, two soundtracks for theatrical plays, several soundtracks for different commercial videos and events. Now the band is focusing on the new songs, tries to mix different dance styles and directions. May 2019, after two years of work SFTM released the singles “Savanna”, “Savages”, “Together”, “Feels So Good”, “My Way” and “I Know Where I’m Going”. A lot of new songs and videos are on their way all the time, so keep in touch with them…

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