FRESH: ‘Better Off On My Own’ – Carolina

Carolina debuts “Better Off On My Own”!

by Christopher Smith

“Better Off On My Own” is a song that was written from a perspective of a modern day independent woman. After ending her last relationship and being single for a long period of time, Carolina learned how to love herself by being on her own. She is now in a place where she can unapologetically be that person, focusing on her life goals and living the best life. The song was written last year and recorded as a demo. Now, it has transitioned into the official single version which we are excited to share!

Born and raised in Lima-Peru, partially grew up in LA. Carolina is a pop singer, songwriter and dancer based in LA. Her interest in music and dance started at the age of 8 and ever since she’s been pursuing her artistic career. She has developed a raw instinct for toplining catchy melodies. A sophisticated way of conceptualising songs, as well as a stylish way of generating pop vocal arrangements. Her writing themes come from a genuine place and her message of woman empowerment is represented in her music. She currently attends the Los Angeles College of Music, where she is pursuing her career in songwriting.

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