FRESH: ‘Nothing Can Compare’ – Agnes

Agnes returns with “Nothing Can Compare”.

by Christopher Smith

One of Scandipop’s biggest exports, Agnes, finally makes her eagerly anticipated comeback with the epic “Nothing Can Compare” EP. Popheads across the world best remember Agnes for lighting up dancefloors in 2009 with her effervescent dance-pop classic “Release Me”. 2012’s critically acclaimed, experimental pop opus “Veritas” solidified Agnes’ place in the hearts of pop fans, before she embarked on a soul-searching journey of freedom away from the industry, she had dominated for eight years.

After wrapping up a world tour at the start of 2015, Agnes took a year and half off to reset, traveling around the US, Mexico, Europe, and Northern Thailand. “I wanted to develop, try new things meet new people, explore, and a lot was about liberty: both physically and mentally”, she says. Agnes broke her silence earlier in 2019 on the posthumous Avicii single “Tough Love”, but it’s her unapologetic and vivacious “Nothing Can Compare” which explores the exciting unknown while still being inherently-Agnes.

Featuring production by fellow UMPG writers Vargas & Lagola, and lyrics co-written by Isak Alverus, “Nothing Can Compare” is a triumphant return to top form for the Swedish sensation. Footsteps and a lurking, distorted beat in the EP’s Intro escorts the listener down into a dank and sweaty night club, reminiscent of the ones Agnes haunted in LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas during her hiatus. First single “I Trance” is a deep discotheque extravaganza fusing bold 90s house beats and whispered vocals. The “Not Dangerous” and “What Is Wrong” interludes fiercely continues the late-night trance euphoria, taking us deeper into the night with a sea of sweaty club sensations.

The slightly more pop-leaning “Limelight”, released in July alongside “I Trance”, continues the dance experimentation, but lets the light in. Inspired by a glorious mix of time off, travelling, Donna Summer and the freedom of voguing culture, both ‘I Trance’ and ‘Limelight’ are examples of an artist experimenting with their sound without sacrificing their identity. The title track and third single “Nothing Can Compare” is a glittery disco dream with a bucketload of hooks, as Agnes’ booming vocals soar over Studio 54 style string hits and heavenly synth chords.

The track stays true to the dance-disco-pop sound she became successful with; it’s what Agnes has always done best during her fifteen-year career, but without boundaries. “I love to sing and that’s always my outlet for my emotion” Agnes declares in the ‘I Like to Sing’ interlude. Now culminating her care-free perspective on life, ‘Nothing Can Compare’ is a clear sign of an artist spreading their wings. “On the dance floor everyone is equal, and it’s all about the here and now and just being”, Agnes says. This is pop music as it should be: without any rules.

The place Agnes knows best and feels the freest is on a dancefloor. It becomes like a sanctuary. Agnes claims some of her most euphoric experiences were held on the dancefloor. When she decided to share her new music, her sound had taken different shapes since she had last released something. But naturally, it feels that the musical journey should just start here: where dance music meets existential questions. “Nothing Can Compare” is about exploring the unknown. Everything playing at the club, multiplying, and breaking out both physically and mentally. While it may seem like a quick fix, the effects are more deeply rooted in the long run.

With nearly one million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 84 million total streams worldwide, Agnes has established herself as an internationally renowned pop/dance artist. Her 2008 classic “Release Me” saw the Top 10 across Europe, has over 38 million total streams, and sold over 900,000 copies in the UK alone. “Nothing Can Compare” caters perfectly to those just looking to lose themselves completely to the music.

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