CeCe Peniston

NEWS: CeCe Peniston Receives the Artists Music Guild Lifetime Achievement Award

CeCe Peniston Receives The 2019 Artists Music Guild Lifetime Achievement Award!

by Christopher Smith

Dance music legend CeCe Peniston has received the Artists Music Guild 2019 Sandy Hosey Lifetime Achievement Award for a lifetime dedicated to excellence and professionalism. CeCe rose to fame in 1991 when her hit single “Finally”, which peaked at No.1 on the Billboard Top 100, going on to becoming one of the most seminal dance music songs in history. Winning numerous awards by the end of 1993, and scoring five major number one hits within three years, Peniston was named the Number 1 Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play artist in the world.

The Artists Music Guild was established to help in the understanding, appreciation and to advance the contributions of the arts to American culture — from the artistic genius’ of the current day; to the technical legends of the past; and to those still unimagined artistic breakthroughs of future generations. The Guild accomplishes this mission through programs and activities that engage the artistic and cultural community as well as the general public. The Guild works in partnership year-round with artists to bring national attention to important issues such as the value and impact of the arts and education.

Congratulations to CeCe Peniston for being the recipient of the 2019 Artists Music Guild Sandy Hosey Lifetime Achievement Award. CeCe took to Instagram to thank the Artists Music Guild and her fans for all the support she has received throughout her career:

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