EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘Wonderful Land’ – The Shadows

What was the number one song in the UK on 22nd March 1962?

By Hayley Beasley Dye

The Shadows are back again with Wonderful Land, which was number one for 8 (yeah you heard me) EIGHT weeks.

EIGHT weeks. EIGHT. Weeks…that people got out of theirs seats, left their homes, walked into town, walked into a record shop, picked this record up and voluntarily parted with their hard earned cash- for this. Look, I’m probably missing something because I’m nothing but a good-for-nothing Generation Xer. My father, no doubt will tell me I’m wrong and that this is in fact a Wonderful record. However, he’s not doing the review here and I’m here to tell you that there is very little point in this record. They couldn’t even be bothered to end it properly. Eight weeks, people. EIGHT!


There aren’t any!

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every uk number one song

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