90's Kids

FRESH: ‘High School’ – 90’s Kids

90’s Kids release “High School”!

by Christopher Smith

Following their first co-headline sponsored tour, a sold-out hometown show, and charting on National Radio, 90’s Kids end their strong 2019 campaign with a return “High School”. Featuring anthemic crowd vocals and drumline fills set to a stomp-clap beat, “High School” is a dive into something new for 90’s Kids.

The band has infused its signature sound with more modern, top-40s influences, while still keeping things familiar for current fans. With over 900,000 Streams to date, 90’s Kids are looking to smash through the 1M stream milestone with “High School”! The group’s last single “Body Language” featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, charted on national radio and premiered through Clash Magazine.

Founded in Ohio in 2017, 90’s Kids combines modern pop with a heavy dose of youthful nostalgia. The band’s sound saw major growth in new releases from its sophomore effort, “Volume Two”. From the deep, larger-than-life “Heartbeat” to the endearingly catchy “Body Language”, the band has proven it is unafraid to experiment with the signature 90’s Kids sound. 90’s Kids are Corey Mouch, Robby Macaskill, Matt King, and Jordan McVey.

For more about 90’s Kids, check out their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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