FRESH: ‘Runaway’ – Shyclops

Shyclops aim for a “Runaway”!

by Christopher Smith

It’s an un-expectation for this electronic duo, that their first single “Runaway” within just few weeks was included on more than 150 Spotify playlists in more than 30 countries, and featured by world renowned indie media such as Obscure Sound, Independent Music Reviews, Mystic Sons, Pop Goes the Blog, and Artefaktor Radio. Due to the leak of their soundcloud private link, their demo EP of six pre-mix songs has been played over five hundred times.

And much to their surprise, their first show was packed with supporters. They plan to release each song from that EP one by one until February 2020. Shyclops is formed in late 2016 by two music producers, at first as a project to grasp an opportunity to perform at one of the prominent festival in the US. After several jamming to write materials, they realized that this collaboration is not a mere project. Musically, Shyclops’ songs can be described with terms such as soaring, cinematic, atmospheric.

Lyrically, most of their writings are being reflective, celebrating on peace, joy, and love for whatever happens, with romantic approach. Although the music is kind of chill, romantic, and has an indie pop vibe in the recording, their live performance has more high energy presence of a rock band. Members of Shyclops wear a mask and conceal their real names with monikers. Their audience also wear masquerade mask during their live performance and made the concert as a mask party.

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