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FRESH: ‘Autopilot Mind’ – Nearly York

Nearly York are on “Autopilot Mind”.

by Christopher Smith

This is the first of six songs to be released by Nearly York as part of an EP in early 2020. The EP will be a sophomore effort by Nearly York, with an 11 song debut album and a follow up single already released in 2018. Autopilot Mind was recorded along with the rest of the EP during a 4 day recording session at Studio 2300 East in Nashville, TN this past August. Post production was done after the fact by band members in a home studio, who then send the produced tracks back to Nashville for final production decisions and mixing. Nearly York is currently raising the final funds necessary to mix, master and release the rest of the EP with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, set to end on December 5th at the end of the day. The campaign has currently raised $3,021.

“Autopilot Mind” is about my struggles with ADHD. A lot of times I feel like I’m running through the day on autopilot, moving from one distraction to the next. I remember stopping one day on my way out the door to go to work and noticing how peaceful everything seemed – the clouds slowly passing by, a light breeze moving the tree leaves in my front yard – and I realized that I hadn’t stopped to just enjoy life for what seemed like weeks. I wrote the first verse and bridge lyrics shortly after, and after some input on the second verse lyrics from my drummer and a ton of hard work from all my fellow bandmates, Autopilot Mind became the song it is today.” – Lucas Gienow, lead singer.

Formed in 2018, Nearly York has enjoyed rapid growth and success in the studio and on the road thanks to a unique background as recording engineers and audio technicians amongst members. In just over a year, the group has an LP and a single under their belt, a new EP on the way, and a full schedule of shows across Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, from college campuses to headlining local festivals. Captivating hooks heard in songs like “Everything” and the piano-driven “Stuck In These Ways” stand as a testament to NY’s wide-ranging music-making capability. Accented by contemporary tenor vocals and the swapping of instruments, each song and show are unique but at the same time, unmistakably Nearly York.

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