FRESH: ‘Sweet Tooth’ – Crystalline

Crystalline release “Sweet Tooth”.

by Christopher Smith

“Sweet Tooth” is UK band Crystalline’s first video after three years as a band. The song is produced by Tom Auton and filmed at Digichemistry. Crystalline are a powerhouse indie rock band led by the dynamic vocals and livewire stage presence of Eva Mullen. Like all the best rock’n’roll gangs, the five-piece have a shared vision of restoring the rawness of guitar music and festival-ready choruses to the top of the tree and come armed with the looks, charm and ear for a hook to do it.

“It would be too easy to make comparisons with Garbage or Transvision Vamp, and Crystalline are much more than that anyway. Eva Mullen has a mighty set of lungs on her and isn’t afraid of using them to belt out some great lyrics across a minefield of powerful guitar riffs and driven beats.” – Welsh connections. The group’s debut EP “Of Unsound Mind” is out now!

For more about Crystalline, check out their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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