REVIEW: 'Saves The World' - MUNA

REVIEW: ‘Saves The World’ – MUNA

Written by The Lazy Music Reviewer

This is the latest review by the Lazy Music Reviewer. He is too busy listening to and promoting lots of awesome music (ahem and has a full time job) that he simply doesn’t have time to do an in-depth review (or maybe he is just not a good enough writer to write one – you decide) but he still wants to “review”.

So, the way he works is he will sum up each song in just a few words (sometimes even one word – he’s just that lazy) and then also link via other people’s words to other more in depth reviews (because he’s wicked and he’s lazy) for your reading pleasure because it’s always good to get more than one person’s opinion, right?

MUNA is an American electronic pop band consisting of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson.

Based in Los Angeles, the trio met in college at the University of Southern California and began working together in 2013 after discovering their musical chemistry at a party, when Maskin and McPherson began playing together on guitars and Gavin added vocals. Gavin and Maskin were music majors, while McPherson double-majored in Narrative Studies and American Studies & Ethnicity. The two guitarists, Maskin and McPherson, had been used to playing ska and progressive rock, but when their initial collaboration with singer Gavin resulted in a pop song, their bond was sealed

The latest full-length album “Saves The World” was released on 6th September 2019.

Let’s find out more about the new album…

1 – Grow

“a slow start, maybe it’s a grower”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

a universal plea for a generation lacking in reliable mentors“, Pitchfork

“an under-two-minute piano ballad that serves as a theatrical prologue to the record”,

2 – Number One Fan

“a blast out from the car type of tune!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

banishes intrusive thoughts just in time for a lavish, self-celebratory chorus, one part earnest, one part tongue-in-cheek“, Independent

a thumping self-love pep talk“, Rolling Stone

3 – Stayaway

feel the pain and do it anyway!“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

warped, twisted vocal effects, before the tumbling lead recounts what comes after a breakup“, Clash

4 – Who

it wasn’t me!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

the rousing synths underpin frustration and rejection“, DIY

5 – Navy Blue

bittersweet“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

bleached out AOR re-contextualised as a backdrop for heartbreak“, Clash

MUNA are at their most cinematic here which sparkles like a Nicolas Winding Refn movie“, Pitchfork

6 – Never

vibing out!“, The Lazy Reviewer

drive fast through a tunnel at night with this playing for that “Alive” feeling”, Dork

pummelling beat channels Robyn’s latest masterpiece“, Independent

7 – Pink Light

soothing but grooving“, The Lazy Reviewer

relaxed, mid-tempo groove“,

jacking electronic sound, reminiscent of Cameo’s hit run or even Prince’s lascivious side“, Clash

8 – Taken

not so much“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

Coyote Ugly country-lite“, Pitchfork

channels more than a little Cary Rae“, DIY

9 – Hands Off

anthemic“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

toys with temptation before slamming the door shut“, Independent

feels like a massive ‘fuck you’ to Donald Trump and his minions who are currently dehumanising women day in, day out“, Dork

10 – Good News (Ya-Ya Song)

breezy“, The Lazy Reviewer

wordy, turn-of-the-millennium-style confessional, as bewildered with life’s nonsense as they are humored by it“, Pitchfork

could go over the end credits of any Lindsay Lohan film seamlessly (in a good way)“, Dork

11 – Memento

now THIS is a sick beat!“, The Lazy Reviewer

shakes it up still further, with its heads-down tech-edged sound burrowing into dank new arenas“, Clash

a quiet two-minute vignette that finds Gavin spinning an anecdote about a bee-sting into an allegory about the way the past informs the present, the way trauma and pain can persist long after their sources vanish“, Rolling Stone

12 – It’s Gonna Be Okay, Baby

it sure is – thank you!“, The Lazy Reviewer

the sound of three women moving beyond their past, their shared experiences deepening those creative bonds while moving into fresh space“, Clash

depicts emotional healing with powerful accuracy“, DIY

What are your thoughts? Can you sum this album up in one sentence? Go on – be lazy, you know you want to!

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