VIEWS: A Guide To Submitting Your Music For TV & Film

VIEWS: A Guide To Submitting Your Music For TV & Film

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Written By Steve

In these times of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and all the other On Demand media outlets as well as watching great shows we are also being exposed to some awesome music.

Sometimes I enjoy the soundtracks to TV shows almost as much as I enjoy watching the episodes themselves. For artists, getting your song featured on a successful Netflix original, for example, can open up your music to a new and massive audience?

How Do I Submit My Music For TV & Film?

There are various steps you have to follow and there are numerous websites that you can submit your music to.

We’ve collated the most useful sites and articles here so you don’t have to trawl through the internet – meaning you can concentrate on making sure your song is on the next big binge watch TV show…you’re welcome.


How To Submit Your Music For TV and Film

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How Can We Help?

We like to think that the likes of Netflix and Amazon are watching music sites like ours to see what new music we are listening to and will consider these for their TV shows too.

We create playlists for our favourite TV shows which not only feature songs that have been used in the episodes but WE also add your songs that WE feel fit with the show and this can really help new music artists reach more people.

For example, one of our most popular playlists is the one we create for the Netflix Original drama Dark – it currently has 5500+ followers on Spotify.

We recently discovered a new song from a band called Conversing With Oceans and we felt that their song ‘Time Traveller’ really fitted with this TV show so we added it to the playlist.

Alex from the band soon got in touch to say…

“Just wanted to send the biggest thanks your way for your support! That playlist you put our song on really helps so much. Thank you!!”, Alex Bondarev – Conversing With Oceans

We might not be able to get songs on the TV shows but we CAN help you reach more listeners.

Take a look at all our TV & Movie playlists here and if you feel you have a song that would be a good fit for one of them – get in touch.
Talk About Pop Music – TV & Movie Playlists

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