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FRESH: ‘Time And Intention’ – Strange Conversations

Strange Conversations promote “Time And Intention”.

by Christopher Smith

“This track is a bit of a melancholy break up tune, the lyrics talk about how easily things could have been saved with just a little effort (“Time and Intention”). Musically we tracked this with live acoustic Fiddle and there is even an Oboe in there during the intro. The vocals are a duet between myself and our guest female singer KT (who sounds some like Kelly Clarkson). We are big harmony fans (hence the Beach Boys influence) and there are some really interesting harmonies on this track including the outro”. That’s how Strange Conversations describe their latest track!

Two brothers, 13 years and 1000 miles apart write, produce, and record a concept album based on Hemmingway’s Old Man and The Sea and their relationship with their father, who was a fisherman himself. “Probably lost a few of you already with the sheer geekiness of that sentence”, they say, “but for those who chose to stick around, and happen to be fans of melodic rock music with some powerful but approachable ‘Prog’ leanings”. Writing for their album (“Blase’ Faire”) started in late 2017 over Skype sessions, and the record was recorded over the course of five months in 2018 at The Beat Lab Studios in Salem, NH.

Knowing that they wanted to add additional textures to the record such as real violins and violas, choir vocals, additional female lead vocals and real horns/brass, the boys turned to some amazingly talented musicians and singers around the world to contribute to the arrangements on several tracks. The amazing Brent Hendrich was called upon for mixing starting in August of 2018 and finally, the record was mastered by Tom Waltz during the month of October. “Blase’ Faire”, their second album, is out now and is well worth a listen or two!

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