FRESH: ‘Sober’ – Danto

Danto is “Sober”

“Sober” chronicles a personal struggle and a promise of recovery, exuding both a sense of remorse and a speck of hope. The term ‘sober’ – as uttered in the song–embodies qualities of resilience and willfulness. Indonesian-born Danto is a breathing, strutting metropolis. Having resided in Jakarta, Los Angeles, and New York City, they embody a diversity of cultural identities.

Rooted in musical influences that range from legendary Motown records in the mold of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and album releases by British groups Queen, Oasis, and Girls Aloud to the artistry of modern icons, such as Sufjan Stevens and Taylor Swift, they aim to create music that radiates and inspires forever.

An unequivocal milestone in their journey in doing so is the release of the euphoric “Peaches” in March 2019. A versatile artist, Danto’s career in the entertainment industry also spans performances in various feature films, shorts, stage performances, and music videos.

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