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FRESH: ‘No Control’ – Maeve Steele

Maeve Steele has “No Control”

Maeve Steele enters the next stage of her already rapidly evolving career with “No Control”, the debut single off her upcoming sophomore project. Steele made her official introduction to the pop scene with a self-named EP, featuring the tracks “Real” and “Tourist”. Layered over blissfully minimalistic pop production by Cole Phillips, Maeve Steele’s astoundingly profound lyricism demonstrates her undeniable presence as both a writer and an artist. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Steele’s sonic excellence is her ability to innovatively and articulately expose her unique perspective of the world around her, and “No Control” is no exception.

The deceptively introspective track, also produced by Cole Phillips, offers listeners an opportunity to either escape or reflect; you can get lost in the melody, or marinate in the refreshingly inclusive and resonant prose. In addition to being her first release of the year, “No Control”, is also Steele’s first project alongside manager Peter Strickland and Marathon Talent Agency. Former CMO of Warner Music, Strickland lends an unparalleled level of expertise to the metamorphosis of one of pop music’s newly emerging power players. Maeve Steele has a product that speaks for itself, and “No Control” is the next step towards the rest of her career.

Pop-Noir songstress and blue-velvet vocalist Maeve Steele revives the timeless iconography that redefined commercial music. Born and raised in the larger-than-life Bay Area, CA, Maeve Steele was baptized by San Francisco’s paradigmatic summer of love melodies, captivated by counter-culture pioneers and rock n’ roll originators. Immersed in a haven for untamed creative souls, Maeve’s artistry was driven by a synergy of folk, rock, hip-hop, soul and new-wave pop. Her innate, uncompromising and eclectic love of music led her to become a classically trained violinist, later learning to play guitar and piano.

Boasting intoxicating, cocktail-pop instrumentation and effortless swagger, Maeve holds the written word to a sanctified standard. A champion on behalf of raw realism, Steele’s lyricism allows universality to sound extraordinary, adorning plain-spoken poetry with progressive pop production. Her debut project, “Maeve Steele”, a dual single release, allows her skill to speak for itself, working alongside emerging producer Cole Phillips and Grammy-nominated engineer Robert Venable (Twenty One Pilots, Kelly Clarkson).

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