FRESH: ‘Ray Of Light’ – Coolective

Coolective debut with “Ray Of Light”

“Ray of light” is first song of Solvenian band Coolective. Song was born on Jam session aswell as band was. “Ray Of Light” is speaking about life and how we should look for positivity in it. Coolective were formed in 2019. The band members often get together with the idea of having fun and relaxing while jamming. With a flow of time and physical space, their jam sessions became a basis for their musical journey, which created strong bonds between each other’s as well.

Somehow, everything clicked. They came up with upbeat music and catchy lyrics that make people of all ages want to sing and move along. While Coolective’s music spans a range of contemporary styles, their songs are a melting pot of deep and emotionally charged soundscapes, positive energy with a feel-good vibe and a lot of good-natured fun. Let’s hope with the sound and standard of this debut, Coolective offer us more in the coming months!

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