Sunny from the Moon

FRESH: ‘My Blues’ – Sunny From The Moon

Sunny From The Moon return with “My Blues”

Sunny From The Moon have just released their first music of 2020, the song “My Blues”, an experimental track for the band. We played with vocals and different effects. Changed the pop sound to more deep – indie-electronic. Created catchy melodies for the top lines, using choir-like vocal effects in the verses. Instead of usual four on the floor we decided to use an old school 2Step beat in the drop part along with vocal chops. The lyrics are a bit melancholic and romantic, song is about one-sided love. The video was shot by Irakly Mindze in New York, Philly, Washington DC (Autumn 2019).

Sunny from the Moon is a musical duo consisting of composer and vocalist. Currently the band has written three musical albums, two soundtracks for the international events, two soundtracks for theatrical plays, several soundtracks for different commercial videos and events. Now the band is focusing on the new songs, tries to mix different dance styles and directions. May 2019, after two years of work SFTM releases new singles “Savanna”, “Savages”, “Together”, “Feels So Good”, “My Way” and “I Know Where I’m Going”. A lot of new songs and videos are promised soon, so stay tuned.

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