Danny Rodeck

FRESH: ‘Want You Bad’ – Danny Rodeck

Danny Rodeck debuts with “Want You Bad”

Singer-songwriter Danny Rodeck has a remarkable way of making his biggest passions rush through the listeners’ bloodstreams. Currently based in the UK, Danny spent the last four years crafting his artistry in his previous hometown Barcelona. His unique fervor and drive as a performer led him to perform in legendary venues such as the Jamboree Jazz Club. Growing up, Danny experienced a variety of diverse cultural and musical backgrounds. As a result, he found his own sound by fusing modern synth-pop with funk and R&B. He draws his biggest inspiration from artists such as Charlie Puth, Years & Years, and Troye Sivan. To fund his debut pop EP “Stargaze”, he successfully raised over 3,000€ through a crowdfunding campaign in mid 2019.

The upcoming EP is relatable, reflective, and vigorous. It presents mostly upbeat-danceable pop songs with elements reminiscent of the 1980’s. Danny’s Austrian and Colombian roots have broadened his viewpoint on the current music industry. He’s a dreamer working on building a community that joins him in his inspiring and breathtaking musical journey. The first single from the EP is “Want You Bad” and it’s a playful, upbeat and catchy song that combines elements of the current pop and the 80’s funk. The song is about the dichotomy between wanting to enjoy the present moment and fearing the consequences of it. Want You Bad provides an insight into the spontaneity of falling for someone and the feelings that come along with this coupled with the inevitability of heartbreak.

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