This IS the rhythm of the night. This IS Corona!

Dance act Corona originated from Italy in 1993 and was the ‘stage name’ of producer and DJ Francesco “Checco” Bontempi and ‘fronted’ by Olga Souza (b.1968) (although she didn’t actually sing on any of the songs!). They made their debut in 1993 with the song “The Rhythm Of The Night” with Olga appearing in the video and on stage for performances of the track, but it was later revealed that singer Giovanna Bersola (b.1972), better known as ‘Jenny B’, actually performed the vocals on the track that would top the Italian singles chart.

“The Rhythm Of The Night” underwent a major overhaul in 1994 courtesy of Charlie Mallozzi and Marco Sabiu better known as the Rapino Brothers, who had scored a big hit in 1992 with Kym Mazelle (“Love Me The Right Way”) and worked with Kylie Minogue on her 1994 album, most notably the track “Automatic Love”. The new “Rhythm Of The Night” was an instant club and dance smash that crossed over to the sales charts in more than twenty countries worldwide including the UK (No.2) where it became the 14th biggest seller of the year. “The Rhythm Of The Night” has sold more than three million copies globally to date.

Corona followed that success in February 1995 with “Baby Baby”, which saw Welsh singer Sandra Chambers (b.1967) performing vocals. “Baby Baby” was just as successful going to the top of the charts in Italy, No.5 in the UK and a top ten placing in 19 countries worldwide as well as a top five placing on the US dance chart. A hattrick was scored with their third single, “Try Me Out”, in the Spring of 1995, although it seems patchy as to who actually sang on this one, official reports say that Chambers performed vocals on “a number of post-‘Rhythm Of The Night’ tracks”. Whatever, “Try Me Out” was another top ten success across Europe as well as the US dance chart and as far afield as Australia.

Corona released a fourth single in the shape of “I Don’t Wanna Be A Star” which gave the group a fourth Italian top two hit, while performing less well elsewhere, perhaps that was due to the release of the album “The Rhythm Of The Night” a few months earlier, which had collated the three previous hits together with ten other tracks including “Star” and three remixes. The album was Gold certified in Australia and reached the top twenty in the UK. Corona released new material in 1997 with the single “The Power Of Love”, although this, along with the subsequent album “Walking In Music”, were nowhere near as successful as previous glories. It was only in Spain that this and two other singles, “Magic Touch” and the title track of the album did anything chart wise.

Corona were now confined to the clubs and shortly after this, Bontempi left the setup, to be replaced by Francesco Conte and Paolo Dughero, with Souza still ‘fronting’ the line up. A third album came in 2001, “And Me U”, which was a big hit in Japan (as had the two previous albums been), while the 00’s have seen a number of one-off single releases including “Back In Time” in 2006, which returned them, if all too briefly, to the Italian singles chart. Corona have continued to perform in clubs and a dance music festivals, mostly to those club animals of 25 years ago who remember all too well how the ‘rhythm of the night’ went, still with Olga Souza present, while their last single released was “Super Model” in 2016, which did perform well digitally.

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