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FRESH: ‘Ghosts and Zombies’ – Petty Party

Petty Party deal with “Ghosts and Zombies”

“Ghosts and Zombies” is the final song from US duo Petty party and is the title track of their sophomore album of the same name. It’s a song about the aftermath of a relationship that doesn’t seem to be over. The pop-rhythmic duo Petty Party is comprised of singer/songwriter Bruna Victoria and songwriter/producer/engineer Michael Leto. Named in reference to the personal and emotionally charged nature of their musical concepts, the two combine their respective musical backgrounds and life experiences to create a unique yet universal sound and feel.

The California-raised musicians are pushing the limits and boundaries of modern popular music. Their desire to look beyond the mainstream inspires surprising chord progressions, driving swung drums, and odd (sometimes hilarious) vocal samples. As friends who built a creative partnership, Michael and Bruna call upon their past personal relationships, as well as each one’s personal views on life experiences in their songwriting. Petty Party has combined their individual and shared experiences and creativity for their freshman EP “Suicide Note”, which outlined their struggles with depression, suicide, toxic relationships, and self-worth. The EP is dark and telling but yet speaks to Gen Z directly.

Soon after, they collaborated on their single “Back To Me”, Working with fellow students at Point Loma Nazarene University shot a very emotional rendition of the song to video and eventually took third place out of 1500+ submissions in a nation collegiate music video competition for the video of the very powerful song. Additionally, Petty Party released “Cotton Candy Sky” in the spring of 2019, the song alludes to lyrical anecdotes of their first album and is filled with biblical references and allusions to suicidal tendencies, which juxtapose the upbeat music. Today Petty Party’s collaborations culminate in their sophomore EP chock-full of allegorical references, unexpected instrumentation, and coming-of-age angst. As they prepare to graduate from university, Petty Party reflect on their fears regarding growing up, contemplations on pop culture and technology, and the experiences that led them to life experiences that are continually eluded to in the joint efforts of every song they create.

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