Arian Saravi

FRESH: ‘You Can Have It’ – Arian Saravi

Arian Saravi says “You Can Have It”!

Arian Saravi is an international artist, as well as a music composer hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden. Saravi produces and composes dance music with hopeful tones and an irregular touch. After years of working in silence under various pseudonyms, Arian finally released his first EP “You” under his real name in 2018. Arian Saravi already developed an excessive interest for music at a young age, discovering electronic music at the age of 12 while watching music television channels. Drawn to the characteristic and rather leftfield stylings from the likes of Solomun and Klingande, two relatively different artists, giving Arian Saravi inspiration to make music of various genres.

Arian tells us of his latest single, “You Can Have It”: “The underlying purpose of “You Can Have It” is to show people behind the social facade. In a world often dominated by everything superficial, I try to make people find pleasure in the simple things, such as music. Eventually, it doesn’t matter to have a flood of materialistic things, what matters is how you perceive life with the help of simple pleasures, and that is the foundation of true happiness. Making music – the art of music in general – has a deeper meaning to itself. However it is up to every individual itself what that meaning is”, says the artist.

When one could assume, Arian Saravi entered the creative industry world somewhat out of the blue, it is due to his sublime modesty that’s already captured in his sense of style. His way to become one of today’s most sought after international artists is based on a solid foundation. A foundation comprised of solo-releases, remixes, projects and collaborations that numerous, we’d rather refer to his discography than weary you with namedropping. Besides, all those references would just distract from what truly matters – the artistic valuation this guy is delivering. According to Arian, his most modern work is essentially random and chaotic in nature. But what he is striving for is to boil down the random madness and channel it through his own vision of inspirational high roads aiming to present depth, movement and powerful feeling and to minimize the random parts through use of well thought layers of inspirational techniques.

He has an extensive catalog of original productions as well as remixes with a satisfying electronic percussion. Besides the collaborations and releases under his belt, the events of the last few years have seen Arian Saravi focussing more and more on the production side of things, be it studio work or the inauguration of his projects. More than that, consciousness today is more essential to his artistic persona than ever before. A fact that evidently communicates through his art, his work ethic and will determine every next step of his career. There are not many artists around turning in such a slew of globally praised projects like Arian Saravi did over the last years. His ability to link innovative production with consensual reception, making Arian Saravi one of the most unique and original figures in the game.

For more about Arian, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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