Depeche Mode

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Enjoy The Silence’

The song, “Enjoy The Silence”, was originally recorded by Depeche Mode in 1990

“Enjoy The Silence” was released in February 1990 by British electro-pop group Depeche Mode. It was the second preview single prior to the launch of their album “Violator” the following month. The song peaked at No.6 in the UK, becoming their first top ten hit there for six years and went on win Best Single at the 1991 Brit Awards. The song was also a huge hit globally, reaching No.8 in the US, their first top ten hit ever together with a top ten placing in more than a dozen other countries worldwide.

Fourteen years later, the group re-released a new version of the song remixed and reproduced by US rapper/singer/musician Mike Shinoda, founder of the band Linkin Park, under the new title of “Enjoy The Silence 04”. This was the lead single from a new greatest hits collection titled “Remixes 81-04” and reached No.17 in the UK on this occasion as well as charting top ten in many parts of Europe.

But which one is the best? The 1990 ORIGINAL or the new 2004 VERSION?

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cover vs original

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