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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Oh L’amour’

The song, “Oh L’amour”, was originally recorded by Erasure in 1985

“Oh L’amour” was the third single released by the British electro-synth-pop duo Erasure in April 1986. It was taken from their debut album “Wonderland”. “Oh L’amour” only reached No.85 in their home country, although it was a much bigger success in Europe where it charted at No.14 in France, No.15 in Sweden and No.16 in Germany. The song also peaked at No.13 in Australia and later became a top five hit on the American dance chart.

The song was covered by UK duo Therza Bazar and David Van Day, better known as Dollar, in early 1988. By now Erasure were much more successful and that perhaps helped propel “Oh L’amour to No.7 in the UK, No.4 in Ireland and this time No.27 in Germany. It was both Dollar’s first UK top ten hit for five years and ultimately their last.

“Oh L’amour” underwent a reboot by Clarke and Bell in 2003 for their best of collection “Hits” and released as a single with the sub title of The August Mix. This new version reached No.13 in the UK and No.10 on the US dance chart.

But which one is the best? ERASURE’s original, DOLLAR’s cover or ERASURE’s new version?

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