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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Glen Goldsmith

What you saw is what you got with 80’s singer Glen Goldsmith. Is he still “Dreaming” now though?

Glen Goldsmith (b.1965) was signed to RCA Records aged 22 years old in 1987 and was tipped to be the British Michael Jackson and released his debut single, “I Won’t Cry”, later that same year. The song reached No.34 and was followed at the end of the year with “What You See Is What You Get”, rising just one place higher to No.33 at the beginning of 1988. He scored his biggest UK chart hit in the Spring of 1988 with his third single, “Dreaming”, which peaked at No.12 and was quickly followed by his debut album, “What You See Is What You Get”.

The album would chart at No.14 and be Silver certified for sales of 60,000 copies in the UK. Three more singles came in 1988, “Give Me The Word”, “Undercover” and “Save A Little Bit”, but none of these made the top 40. Glen appeared on the 1989 version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?“, produced by Stock Aitken Waterman, the song spend three weeks at number one in the UK and was that year’s festive season chart topper. Glen was back in 1989 with a new single, “You’ve Got Me Dancin'” with a then unknown US rapper/dancer by the name of M.C. Hammer, later to have a massive global hit in 1990 with “U Can’t Touch This”. But, once again, the song flopped.

In fact Glen would never return to the UK top 40 of his own accord again and although he released the singles “One Life” in 1989, “On The One” in 1990 and “Understanding” in 1991, a second album was not forthcoming. He released further stand alone singles in 1992 and 1993 but generally gave up on his own solo career at this point. He would, however, become more successful as a songwriter and spent the rest of the 90’s writing songs for artists like Dannii Minogue, Ultimate Kaos, Rozalla and boy band MN8 in 1995. That same year he wrote “Mysterious Girl” for Australian model Peter Andre, which became a big top ten hit worldwide and which, in 2004, went all the way to number one in the UK!

Glen also wrote Peter’s 1996 chart topper “I Feel You” and co-wrote his singles “Natural” and “Turn It Up”. Glen built his own recording studio in 2000 and in 2007, wrote X Factor contestant Niki Evans debut single “Love Me No More”, which went top 40 in the UK. In 2011, Glen founded Soul On Soul Records and after an absence of 18 years, began recording and releasing music for himself beginning with the single “Jammin’ In The Place” and his most recent. “Don’t Delay” in 2014, which topped the UK Soul chart the following year. Glen continues to write and record for himself as well as working within the British soul music scene and no doubt still enjoying the affection from 80’s fans for his songs that are now some thirty plus years old.

Glen Goldsmith 2019

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