FRESH: ‘Caroline’ – Crash Adams

Crash Adams introduce us to Caroline.

Sometimes it’s so good, yet so bad. They called it Caroline. She’s got an edge, but she’s sweet, like a soda pop. Dangerous, but they love to walk that line. Your favourite kind.

They’re Crash Adams and “Caroline” is their latest release.

They wrote it pretty recently but they loved the vibe so they put it out. Their first song was picked for New Music Friday Canada.

Their previous song ‘Ooh!’ has gained traction on TikTok, which doubled their organic growth in 1 month.

Using our TikTok/Social Media the guys are working hard to grow properly, with committed fans.

They’re also going to be releasing a music video to accompany the release.

Earlier this year, the Canadian duo unleashed their 80’s tinged, retro-futurist pop single “Astronaut”, bringing them to the attention of more than a handful of parties, securing them a spot in New Music Friday Canada and Indie All Stars on Spotify. The band’s DIY status sees them write, produce, perform, mix and master all of their music.

Drawing on a myriad of influences ranging from 80’s pop, rock, indie and electro. “Our goal is to make you feel nostalgic, yet inspired”, they explain. “We’d say we’re pretty retro but also pop, we believe we remain unique. We have so much music finished and we’re going to release it one by one”. No less ambitious than its predecessor, “Make It Last” rolls in at three and half minutes, unmasking an indie-pop lineage conversing head on with more recent like-minded musical contemporaries.

“We’re childhood friends who have been surrounded by music for our entire lives. We also like suits! I began producing at a young age while Adams played guitar. My uncle has been running a studio since before we were born, so growing up we were lucky enough to use it whenever we wanted”. This history has created an unbridled musical connection and Crash Adams continue their foray forwards heralding the arrival of their debut album in 2020.

Stay in touch with Crash Adams through their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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