Andrea True Connection

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘More, More, More’

The song, “More, More, More” was originally recorded by Andrea True Connection in 1976

American songwriter Gregg Diamond (1949-1999) wrote the repetitive disco classic “More, More, More” in 1976 for porn actress-cum-singer Andrea Truden (1943-2011) aka Andrea True aka Andrea True Connection. It was the title track of her debut album and the third single released from it in February and it became her biggest and best known song, reaching No.4 on the US singles chart, No.5 in the UK and a huge hit the rest of the world over.

The song has been recorded by the likes of Dannii Minogue, Samantha Fox and Norwegian singer Dagny, but two versions are of note. The first came from cover-version-friendly British female group Banananrama in 1993. By now reduced to a duo, Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward recorded the song with hitmakers Mike Stock and Pete Waterman in 1992 for their album “Please Yourself”. It was released as a single in March 1993 and made No.24 in the UK.

The other noteworthy version came from former S Club member Rachel Stevens in 2003, who covered “More, More, More” for her debut solo album, “Funkydory”. Her version was released as the fourth and final single from the album in October 2004 and reached No.3 in the UK, the highest chart position attained by the song in that country.

But which version is the best? ANDREA TRUE’s original, BANANARAMA’s cover or RACHEL STEVEN’s cover?

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