FRESH: ‘Candid’ – Outline

Young, fresh and ready to go.

Outline have kicked off the year with a bang. ‘Candid’ which is the bands latest release, found its way to me through my love for raw new music. It hit me like a tonne of bricks, leaving me pining for more.

Although, not the prototype of its genre, it does provide elements of distinction with a blend of influences hitting the spot. The lads hail from Birmingham, and the west midlands flag is flying high thanks to the four-piece. But is the track as captivating as I make out? I would say so, yes.

The mix is well put together with a clean, polished sound finishing it off. The vocals are charismatic and fit into the current pop scene. Also, musically, they have an energetic style, the sound is crisp and gives out a real optimistic vibe (which we all need right now).

The chorus is the real breadwinner for me. I found myself singing the melody in my head many days after I first heard it. Whether or not this is a deliberate tactic to make it stick or not, it is infectious.

Nevertheless, the song as a whole is not hugely complicated, it follows a relatively straight forward structure, but it works. I would not have wanted it any other way.

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