HANCO hears an “Echo”

“Echo” is about asking & confronting an echo you head. Why are the words coming back when all you want is a response from the person you’re calling out to! HANCO had the privilege of working with world-renowned DJ Regi and his team who are all great writers & DJ’s. HANCO is a priority artist for David Gresham Records and has had over 500,000 streams.

HANCO is a 21-year-old singer, composer and performer from Pretoria, South Africa. His introduction to the stage was at the age of five and knew that his passion for music originated there: “As the adrenaline rushed through me, I knew that was what I would do for the rest of my life no matter what”. HANCO regularly performed and wrote music throughout his childhood and began leaving his mark with a unique tone in voice and songwriting ability.

HANCO has been performing and composing for 15 years. “I write non-stop because I believe success lies in trial and error. In other words, give up on my dream? I don’t think so! This is what I was born to do”. After his final year in high school, HANCO decided to learn more about music and attended SAMI, the South African Music Institute, where he specialised in the field of songwriting, piano and music theory.

Upon completion of his studies, HANCO signed to The David Gresham Record Company in early 2018. He collaborated with renowned DJ Mark Stent (Madonna), and released “I Will Survive” in 2018. The song made an impressive impact in the industry and reached several top ten charts and other playlists on popular South African radio stations. HANCO released his single “As You Are” near the end of 2018 and was added to Apple Music’s NEW MUSIC DAILY playlist.

“As You Are” has more than 400 radio plays in South Africa and thousands of streams worldwide. 2020 is expected to be a big one for HANCO as he is preparing to release his debut album. He is set to travel to the USA and The Netherlands in 2020 to write and hopefully perform in places such as Nashville, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. He is extremely excited to see what 2020 has to offer.

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