Shola Ama

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘You Might Need Somebody’

The song, “You Might Need Somebody”, was originally recorded by Turley Richards in 1980

“You Might Need Somebody” was written by Tom Snow (b.1947) and originally recorded by American guitarist Turley Richards (b.1941) in 1980. Although the song made it to No.54 in America, it was the following year when Jazz/R&B singer Randy Crawford (b.1952) recorded the song that it became a global sensation and the most recognisable version of the song.

The song has been covered three times since then but the best known and most successful came from British singer Shola Ama (b.1979) in 1997. It was the third single released from her debut album, “Much Love”, and the one that broke her to a wider audience. Her version went to No.4 in the UK (Crawford’s reached No.11) as well as being a big hit all over Europe.

But whose is the best version? RANDY CRAWFORD’s 1981 hit or SHOLA AMA’s 1997 cover?

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