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FRESH: ‘Beautiful Love’s Corrupted’ – Jonathan Milanes

Jonathan Milanes deals with “Beautiful Love’s Corrupted”

“Beautiful Love’s Corrupted” is about the pre-conceived illusion that love is meant to be perfect; and the acceptance of how messy and dark (corrupted) it actually is. That’s what British singer Jonathan Milanes says of his new song. “In terms of production, I wanted to capture a lot of the pop elements I’ve been hearing a lot on the pop charts (synth layered vocals, the use of space for vocal hooks, and being more playful with my lyrics/phrasing)”.

“Simply put, I wanted to produce a great pop/rock record. I have a deep passion for self-discovery; finding a sense of purpose and meaning and music helps me embody and express that side of me”. Jonathan Milanes’ sound is somewhere in-between alternative-pop and indie-rock, he is a self-producing artist based in London, UK. His influences range from generations of musical artists and genres, with a strong pop sensibility; he considers himself a hybrid-genre artist, just like his hero, Prince. His first release of 2020, “Drive Me Away”, talked about two protagonists who is wanting to escape the city that they’re metaphorically stuck on.

The song’s production delivers an aggressive pop-rock overtone, but balanced with an astounding vocal performance that generates the kind of belief one might need in order to feel one’s true commitment in there undertaking. At the heart of “Drive Me Away”, it is a song about escapism – but with an underlying sense of hope for a better tomorrow. Jonathan Milanes is currently working on releasing multiple singles, and has a 4 EP project planned to release in 2020 – starting with the first EP “Equilibrium”, releasing in May.

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