TRIVIA: Songs That Have Reached The UK Top 40 Without Release

Five songs have made the UK top 40 prior to being released commercially!

When a very popular single is on sale elsewhere in the world but is unavailable in the UK, astute distribution companies will sometimes import copies to partially fulfil customer demand. Record shops are more than happy to sell these prior to the official UK release. The single may sell in sufficient quantities to enter the chart on import sales alone.

On six occasions, so far, in the history of the chart, the British public have been so eager to own a particular title that they have been prepared to pay the inflated import price and propel the single into the Top 40 without its official UK release. They are:

Cliff Richard and the Shadows – “Gee Whiz It’s You” (No.4 in 1961 – the single was exported in large quantities. Record retailers imported copies back into UK to satisfy frustrated Cliff fans)

The Jam – “That’s Entertainment” (made No.21 on import in 1981. It subsequently went to No.60 and No.57 on two domestic releases in 1983 and 1991 respectively)

Lou Bega – “Mambo No 5” (No.31 on import; No.1 when released domestically – both in 1999)

Eiffel 65 – “Blue (Da Be Dee)” (No.39 on import; No.1 when released domestically – both in 1999)

Shaggy featuring Rikrok – “It Wasn’t Me” (No.31 on import; No.1 when released domestically – both in 2001)

MC Jig – “Cha Cha Slide” (No.37 on import; No.33 when domestically released – both in 2004)

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Written by Christopher Smith

So perhaps you’ve read an article or two that I’ve written and wondered “just who is this character?”! Well I thought maybe it would be time to introduce myself and what I’m all about. Well it’s all about the music! Having been born in the late 1970’s I was heavily influenced by my parent’s love of ‘popular’ music and rock and roll of the 1950’s and 60’s. My Mother always said she should of married Elvis and my father was, and is still, in love with Sandie Shaw! But while my Dad’s tastes stopped in about 1967, my Mum carried on loving music throughout the 70’s, 80’s and beyond. My first memory was playing on the floor whilst my Mother was ironing one day with the radio on, and hearing ABBA’s “Super Trouper” dancing my nappy off to it! Maybe that’s where it all went wrong…?! Having been subjected to all and sundry in my infant years, I finally found my feet in the mid-1980’s and began ‘partying’ to the likes of Culture Club, Stevie Wonder(!), Elkie Brooks and Bananarama to name but a few! The year 1987 would have a profound effect on my listening tastes and from thereon in my life would be dominated with buying and listening to music. Any number of outstanding songs were released and listened to that year, most notably “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and “La Isla Bonita”. That Summer my mind was completely taken over with music and sounds I’d never heard before and I was totally taken in by it all. My father would say “whaaar rubbish you got on naaaaao?” (I’m from Norfolk!) but I was hooked. And it continued so for the rest of the decade and the next. At the beginning of 1988 I ‘met’ my true love and the singer I’ve worshipped more than any other artist or group. You may know of her. She’s from Australia…! Aside from pop music, my tastes are many and varied and continues to grow and expand as I ‘mature’ in age. I’ve always been heavily interested in films and in particular the mechanics of film making and of course film music, so scores and subsequently orchestral music takes up a lot of my tastes and collection. 90’s dance and club tunes also takes up much of the space in my head and I’m surprised my brain has stopped shaking from the years of abuse it took being dragged to nightclubs, often three times a week in my 20’s! I find with each year that passes I regress back to my youth and of course the 1980’s. 80’s music dominates and the lust to see as many 80’s acts and singers play live now is insatiable. I’m still getting into the groove as much as every breath I take, but I’m never gonna give up listening to my heart and pumping up the volume, simply because I LOVE MUSIC…any kind of music!