FRESH: ‘The Baddest’ – DiRTY RADiO feat. Jafunk

DiRTY RADiO and Jafunk are “The Baddest”!

The beat for “The Baddest” was inspired by a lot of the disco and boogie funk DiRTY RADiO were listening to at the time, artists such as Michael Jackson, Rick James, Charlie Wilson, Kashif, as well modern influences like Pomo, Anderson Paak, Mac Miller and more. The track started with the drums, and then the funky synth bass line. Once they had those twos things locked in everything else fell into place quite quickly.

When the demo was ready the duo knew it was something the DR guys were going to slay, so they sent it to them online and a few weeks later they came back with the main idea which DiRTY RADiO loved. The pair went back and forth online for months after the initial idea, changing vocals and the instrumental until the track started sounding full. DR and Jafunk had never met in real life while working on both this track and “Pleasures”, which creates an interesting dynamic. Jafunk tells us: “You send some feedback to the other guy, and when they send you an email back with the music it’s like opening a little present. It’s always a nice surprise :)”

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