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US singer Keith Washington made it big in the early 1990’s, but what’s he up to these days?

Singer, songwriter, producer and actor Keith Washington (b.1960) got off to a good start doing backing vocals for The Jackson 5, most notably their debut release, “I Want You Back”. At the beginning of the 1990’s, his debut single topped the US R&B chart followed closely by his debut album which also topped the chart. In his home country, he has branched out into acting and radio presenting, but for the rest of the world, he is best remembered for his 1991 duet with Kylie Minogue, “If You Were With Me Now”.

Detroit born Keith got off to a flying start when he was signed to composer Quincy Jones’ QWest label and at the beginning of 1991, he released his debut single, “Kissing You”, which topped the R&B chart and reached No.40 on the singles chart. He followed this with his debut album, “Make Time For Love”, which also went to the top of the R&B chart and No.48 on the Billboard 200. The album featured the singles “Are You Still In Love With Me?” (No.15), “When You Love Somebody” (No.26) and the title track, which reached No.22.

“Make Time For Love” also found an audience on the UK soul scene and perhaps it was because of this that he wound up working with Australian star Kylie Minogue in the Summer of 1991. Together with her and her producers Mike Stock and Pete Waterman, they wrote the gorgeous ballad “If You Were With Me Now” for the artists upcoming fourth studio album, “Let’s Get To It“. The song was released as the second single from the album and became a big hit, reaching No.4 in the UK, No.7 in Ireland and No.23 in her home country, Australia. Oddly, the recording was not made together and both Keith and Kylie recorded their vocals at different times. This also extended to the video which quite obviously has been filmed in two different locations and then edited together. Whatever the history, the song became Minogue’s first co-penned chart hit single.

“Kissing You” was nominated for a Grammy in 1992 and won Keith a Soul Train award for best R&B single the same year. Keith’s second album came in 1993. “You Make It Easy” made the top 100 on the Billboard album chart and No.15 on the R&B chart and featured the singles “Stay In My Corner”, “Believe That” (No.30) and “Trippin'”. he disappeared off the scene for a few years before returning in 1998 with his third album, “KW”. “KW” featured the chart hit “Bring It On” (No.63, R&B No.22) as well as the duet, “I Love You”, with Chante Moore.

Although Keith continues to perform, he has largely abandoned recording since 1998, save one new release, “Thinkin’ Bout You” in 2012. His career has diversified into acting where Keith has played in the US soap opera General Hospital as well as opposite Janet Jackson in her 1993 film ‘Poetic Justice’. When he’s not performing, Keith presents his long running evening show on WDMK-FM 105.9 Radio and when he’s not doing that, he’s quite prolific on social media…check him out on Twitter and Facebook!

“What kind of fools are you and I?
There would be stars up in the sky
If you were with me now”

Keith Washington 2019

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