Mallory Pacific

FRESH: ‘Emotional’ – Mallory Pacific

Mallory Pacific gets “Emotional”

Mallory Pacific tells us: “Emotional” was written for everyone that told me all my life that I was “too emotional”, “too much” or “too dramatic”. I just woke up one day and decided I was going to embrace all the things that made me who I am regardless of what anyone else had to say. Song description: An upbeat pop song that sounds like if the 1975 were in a girl group in the 2000’s and their song played in the background of a happy moment on “Stranger Things”.

Mallory Pacific is a Nashville based LGBTQ emo-pop artist. Musically raised in the 80’s and stylistically somewhere between there and the 90’s, Mallory started in a 2000’s girl group continuing as a choir singer and worship leader. Her style is a blend of 80’s synth, contemporary gospel and bubblegum pop. Celebrating diversity and inclusion while handing you her healing heart you’re sure to feel a part of something more than just her music. It’s like watching your favorite emotional thriller in pastel rainbow colors. “She’s like being at Disneyland but listening to songs that make you cry”.

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