FRESH: ‘Lava’ – Prismetical

Prismetical drips “Lava”

“Lava” is a hyper-modern progressive house track, talking about a deep bond between two people that trust each other so much, that they even would want to experience death together. Its utterly happy sound assists the lyrics in their contrastful writing. Prismetical is an uncomparable twenty-one-year-old singer and songwriter, born and raised in the deepest countryside of Germany, destined to make it big time.

Prismetical says of the song: “It was important to me, that this song has radio-potential as well as experimental parts to it. I hope it comes across well. A music video for it is planned to be filmed and released within the release date of the song”. Prismetical breaks and melts genre-barriers through an open, futuristic mindset when it comes to songwriting.

Every song is completely self written and goes through a unique process. He makes songs without music through having an earworm, building a chorus around that, adding verses, singing it and ultimately looking for producers. That comes from being utterly musically inclined and growing up with pop culture such as Lady Gaga, Eurovision and Conchita Wurst.

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