FRESH: ‘Someday’ – Frederik Cornelius

Frederik Cornelius is proving he is a force to be reckoned with

For me, it is an original release. Frederik has opened his creativity on this piece. As a result, he has gone off into a new direction when comparing it with his other hits.

‘Someday’ starts with a melodic chime which makes for the perfect transition into the rest of the song. The rhythm is robust and has an incredibly likeable feel to it with a punchy drum beat being an excellent foundation for the track.

Vocally, it is charismatic and also theatrical at times with the singer blending softly spoken words with hard resonance and subtle use of accent. Lyrically, we hear what Frederik is feeling. His emotion is transparent, and the passion is dripping out of his sleeve. But, the vocals do slip in, and out of key at times. Although, it does not make him sound flat. Also, I believe that is intentional and is to give the track some more variance.

I have not been following Frederik for a long time, but I am glad I have found out about him before he makes even more waves. Having checked his socials, he is doing very well over in Denmark and is a regular on national TV.

In terms of his music, he has found a niche and is filling the gap of his predecessors who no longer push out tracks. An influence I can hear vividly is Jake Bugg, but then again, it is nothing of a replica.

Sounds are coming from all areas of the music industry. I can even hear The Beatles as an influence at times.

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