FRESH: ‘Mi Carino’ – Hayden Brenen FT L.D.N

A Summer Pop Smash Hit

Hayden Brenen is a name which you will most likely be hearing a lot of as we progress into the summer. It is because of his new single ‘Mi Carino’ which is bringing an early heatwave to us all since its release.

The single which also features rapper L.D.N is a Latin gem which takes influences from old school anthems but yet brings a contemporary touch. I have been sitting on this review for a while now. Reason? Because I wanted to come back to it with fresh ears. My first impression was that it was just a follow up to last year. Mainly when Latin was booming. But, having come back to it again, there is heaps amount of originality in it.

Firstly, the artist brings a nostalgic kind of vibe to the party but also cleverly introduces to a new sound too. He has also brought in the help of reputable London rapper L.D.N who delivers bars as if it is going out of fashion. I enjoy the feel the pair create when they come together. As a result, I would be keen to hear an entire album by the duo.

The single also has a pretty sensual vibe going on as well but is it no way lewd. The bass and the rhythm section work in harmony together, which makes it pretty much impossible for yourself not to tap your foot if not grabbing your partner to have a dance. Hayden well performs the vocals, and I admire his confidence and aptitude when it comes to delivering a vocal full of emotion. All-round quality track this one, pretty much what we all need at the moment. A feel-good vibe which will get you into good spirits in no time.

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