FRESH: ‘Mirror’ – Danaher

Danaher returns with “Mirror”

Danaher – who we brought to you earlier this year with his single “Take Advantage Of Me” – is the artist behind a brand new sound that has finally found freedom and should be top of your list of creatives to explore. Coming out of Southern California, Danaher grew up obsessed with music and in particular the way it can move and shape human emotion.

With such an innate understanding of the qualities of music, a professional career beckoned and Danaher has spent the last decade touring in bands such as Tommy and the High Pilots and Beta Play. Here’s where things get even more interesting, Danaher wasn’t fronting these bands. This is a musician who has stored up a library of beautiful and intriguing songs, forged across a decade of professional touring. A musician who is now ready to take the lead and release unique new music in to the world.

His debut single “Control” confirms an artist who has taken exactly that – control over their creative output; writing and producing to create a sound that is original, striking and ready to make a real impact on the scene. Contemporary beats echo under biting guitar lines, a brooding soundscape backs a narrative about finding independence – this is an artist with a clear message to share; Danaher is here and ready for you to listen to what’s been cooking. With his latest offering, “Mirror”, and more work incoming for 2020, Danaher is a name you need on your radar.

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