Fitz Brothers

FRESH: ‘Talk’ – Fitz Brothers

The Fitz Brothers “Talk”

The Fitz Brothers have both seen that what remains unspoken between people which often causes the greatest problems. Almost everyone knows that and yet people find it difficult to open up. They are by no means exempt from this. You think you have to deal with everything yourself. But to have the courage to share our innermost is not only liberating but also an incredible enrichment of the cooperation.

This is exactly what they want to express with “Talk”: I am here, I am ready, you can not go wrong. Dare to give me your thoughts, that will let us manage anything.

Felix Fitz and Florian Sebastian Fitz are two brothers from Austria aiming to create powerful music. Music has always been their way to sort out their thoughts and confront their emotions. It’s a way of growing and helping others grow into greater human beings. They hope we can inspire you and give you some sort of experience that gets you more in touch with yourself. That’s what music has always done. That’s what it does for us.

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